Thursday, February 19, 2009

A run down.

So, I got my first issue of Frankie magazine today and I must say- it's killer. I've been stalking the site for awhile, so I was ecstatic today. There's even an questionnaire with B.K! What a way to win my heart over. Anyhow, one of my brother's got me a one year subscription for a birthday present- that's 6 issues since it's released bi-monthly. My family are the only ones who will still continue to get me presents for that dreaded day over the years. Other people I will probably silently scream at in my head, ha.

Today has been rather eventful in my mind. Well, the hours up until 7 am. After coming home at another rather obscure time, I began to self-evaluate myself once more, and it has come to me that I truly am, as stated earlier this week, "as romantic as a brick". Oh, I know I could release a stream of actions that could be thought of as "romantic" if I reached deep enough into my soul, but I have absolutely no idea where I'd start! Romance just happens to be something I haven't experienced a great deal of. I'm not sure how to react. Ever. Ah, it could be changed.

Ahem. A little note.

To my tiger
: Thank you for finding me a place where I can think, drink & act like the fool I am. The stars are ever so magical, and you are a wonder whom I adore. ^.^

When things were a little bit clearer,
en we got nearer
I shrugged from your touch

Now that I know what I want, see
I think that it haunts me,
I want you too much

My dear Zooey Deschanel, your voice is just too pretty.

Ah, time to drift away into a land of wonder and amazement...
While I'm at it, I shall continue shuffling through my puzzled mind. :]


Kikki S said...

two questions.

who's tiger?
and who's Zooey Deschanel?
isnt she an actress/siger????

im too confused.

by the way i cried when i saw the lookout. lovelovelove.

kurtsbean said...

Tiger is Tyson. :]

& the lyrics are to a She & Him song that I thought were appropriate... Zooey is She & Him, lol.