Sunday, February 15, 2009

The second set of ramblings in less than 24 hours.

I can be outgoing, I can be extremely lazy, and sometimes I probably even need to be sedated...

I have just come to the conclusion that the most in depth explanation of myself is on this site, though what I just wrote actually sums it up nicely- I think I'll keep that in mind. Really though, what can words do when it's possible a virtual persona is being portrayed? Thank goodness I know this isn't true in my case. Still, it does not stop me from knowing this says little about ones self.
With my mind working overtime, it's somewhat impossible to say every little thing that crosses it. On that topic, what is the difference between light and dark fruitcake? It's a question that must be answered. Let's do some research...

This website has just had me do a quiz, all about fruitcake. My answers, I thought, were quite reasonable... 4/5 isn't bad.
Question 1: What is the difference between dark and light fruitcake?
You answered correctly: Dark fruitcakes are made with dark brown sugar and molasses while light fruitcakes are made with granulated sugar and light corn syrup.

Dark fruitcakes are made with dark brown sugar and molasses while light fruitcakes are made with granulated sugar and light corn syrup.


Question 2: Fruitcakes were wildly popular in what country?
You answered correctly: England

During the 19th century, the English perfected the art of making fruitcakes.

Question 3: How come fruitcakes are no longer popular?
Your answer: People's appetites have changed.
Correct answer: The quality of ingredients has changed.

Fruitcakes are no longer popular because the quality of ingredients have changed. In the old days only the best candied fruits and freshest nuts were used. Now, people make fruitcake with special candied "fruit for fruitcakes."

Question 4: What liquor is traditionally used to make fruitcake?
You answered correctly: Brandy

Brandy is a prominent ingredient in the classic fruitcake.

Question 5: How long does it take to make a fruitcake?
You answered correctly: A few months

Fruitcakes take a few months to make. After baking, the cakes are wrapped in brandy soaked muslin or cheesecloth. They are set aside to age.

In my opinion (as well as others who actually commented on the site), question 3 really relies on what you personally think. Of course, the idea of "sweets" have changed over the years (more and more people opt for a more processed bar of crap), but at the same time- it isn't necessarily because the quality of ingredients have deteriorated; I have found myself enjoying quite enjoyable fruitcakes which were made of the 'finest' of things, or just with classic TLC. Isn't it just possible that not everybody is going to enjoy every. single. thing? So, fuck your questionnaire. You fail.

You know I can't sleep, I can't stop my brain
You know it's three weeks- I'M GOING INSANE!
You know I'd give you everything I've got
for a little peace of mind
Yes mind, exactly as John said.
Please body, it's 5:30 in the morning.
Please soul, please let me sleep.

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Kikki S said...

wow, i never knew there was so much more to fruitcake. thanks for the useless info babe. maybe someday in life i may just neeed it!!