Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just filling in space.

Hypocrites make little sense to me. Why do people choose to verbalise abuse towards somebody over a topic that they are continuously acting up themselves? Well, that's my thought of the moment- nothing too major.
In other news, I sold my V fest ticket on eBay! Now, off to buying one for Blues & Roots...
*UGH! ANGER!* Need credit card now, ha.

What an interesting week or so it has been. Intriguing stories and memories made between myself and somebody I know quite an extensive array of life stories about, teenage bullshit (that of which I haven't had to involve myself in for quite some time), national detestation due to several out of control bushfires over in Victoria (search it up if you haven't heard, for one reason or another), and the Primal Scream gig...

To be honest, the effort thing isn't happening for me in the current state I'm in, so I'll rain check explanations for later. ;] Something slightly simple to explain though, the concert. Really, it was actually quite a drag. Amusing in places, but the sound was at the certain pitch where your ears ring, possibly bleed, and everything blends into one after awhile... However, we had the perve factor happening. Oh, sweet lust... & psychic kebabs. ;] It was quite decent for something I didn't have to pay for!

A little of the song on my mind:

Some lonesome someone some time ago
Convinced you you had to be broken
To make your words grow,
Now you go using girls like me
To help fuel your creative misery.
You wrote to me not long after I had left
You said "I'm glad you're good.
I'm not so good. I'm quite a mess.
Who's gonna sing you to sleep?
We could've made such a beautiful, beautiful family."

Devil - who let you in?
Don't you go messing everything up again.
Just walk, walk now away.
Thank God there's always you to blame.

Oh Clare Bowditch, you are a dream... :]

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Kikki S said...

I wish i was there, i wanted to be there. do'h.

damn, there is a big possiblity that im going blues and roots, i need to see jasaz. so bad!!