Saturday, February 21, 2009

Such Great Heights

I am thinking it's a sign
That the freckles in our eyes
Are mirror images and when we kiss
They're perfectly aligned
And I have to speculate
That God himself did make us
Into corresponding shapes
Like puzzle pieces from the clay
And true it may seem like a stretch
But it's thoughts like this that catch
My troubled head when you're away
When I am missing you to death
When you are out there on the road
For several weeks of shows
And when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home

They will see us waving from such great heights
"Come down now" they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
"Come down now" but we'll stay

[Credit: "guiles"]

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just a steaming pile of crap.

Hahaha. HAHAHA hahahahahahahahahahaaa... I'm a loser baby.
(Well, that sounds a
great deal like something my dear Kiki would write. *& don't you know it!*)

Just thought that I'd check in before it hits 8:00 am (I will tell you just how wrong the time is on this site- it's 7:47 in reality, go figure) and my legs, which are now disintegrating due to a wonderful tingling sensation that won't. piss. off, actually do decide to crumble and I can go back to my land of fantasising and tummy rumbles. Which reminds me... I was going to make a mango smoothie before I scared my papa by walking in the door. A mission for a later date.

To tell the truth, my mind is... rushing by... at a million miles an hour. None of this is entertaining, none of this makes sense, and I do not care in the slightest at the moment. ^.^

I am a clueless soul even though I've "been here, done that".
I am a wander
er even if I don't leave my own room.
I can fall in love easily if I run away just as fast.

I have been hypocritical against hypocrites.
I am a
teacher to myself because I'm always learning.
I'm a legal adult with the body of that younger than my age.
I am a dreamer, I am a
thinker, I am a paradox.

What might have been lost...
What might have been lost...
What might have been lost...
What might have been lost...
Don't bother me.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A run down.

So, I got my first issue of Frankie magazine today and I must say- it's killer. I've been stalking the site for awhile, so I was ecstatic today. There's even an questionnaire with B.K! What a way to win my heart over. Anyhow, one of my brother's got me a one year subscription for a birthday present- that's 6 issues since it's released bi-monthly. My family are the only ones who will still continue to get me presents for that dreaded day over the years. Other people I will probably silently scream at in my head, ha.

Today has been rather eventful in my mind. Well, the hours up until 7 am. After coming home at another rather obscure time, I began to self-evaluate myself once more, and it has come to me that I truly am, as stated earlier this week, "as romantic as a brick". Oh, I know I could release a stream of actions that could be thought of as "romantic" if I reached deep enough into my soul, but I have absolutely no idea where I'd start! Romance just happens to be something I haven't experienced a great deal of. I'm not sure how to react. Ever. Ah, it could be changed.

Ahem. A little note.

To my tiger
: Thank you for finding me a place where I can think, drink & act like the fool I am. The stars are ever so magical, and you are a wonder whom I adore. ^.^

When things were a little bit clearer,
en we got nearer
I shrugged from your touch

Now that I know what I want, see
I think that it haunts me,
I want you too much

My dear Zooey Deschanel, your voice is just too pretty.

Ah, time to drift away into a land of wonder and amazement...
While I'm at it, I shall continue shuffling through my puzzled mind. :]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I know nobody could ever fill your shoes.

Here, is what I scrawled between 6 and 6:30 this morning...
I thought that with the way it seemed to address an audience, it deserved to make an appearance on my blog of nonsense.

I'm sick and tired of hearing things from up tight, short sighted, narrow minded hypocrites.

All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth.
I've had enough of reading things by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians.
All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth.

Oh, too true John. How you've revolutionised my view on life, love, and all in between...

Note: There are 97 songs on my laptop with the word "love" in the title (because of time and how much frustration I would endure if I was to go through every. single. song on here and dig deep to see if there was some meaning of love, I am going to stick with titles) . In that 97, there are 10 different versions of "Love hurts".
"Why?" You may be asking yourself... Well, I will answer you. Once upon a time, in the land of Scrubs, J.D decided to take his first date with Kim on a bare back horse riding trip, on the beach. Of course, he thought that it wouldn't cause him an immense amount of pain.
Here is when Nazareth's "Love hurts" begins playing. As the screen pans back and forth from J.D and his date, the great pain he is experiencing is shown in a comedic style (whilst she is rather enjoying herself) and the song takes on a twisted meaning. Quite clever, I must say.

Back to the story. After seeing this, for some odd reason, I decided to see how many versions of the song I could find on the ol' limewire 'ere... Many of which have now been deleted, and 10 remain. Nazareth's version shall, however, always be the greatest... I don't think I'll ever, EVER be able to hear it in the same way without a giggle escaping from my mouth.


Isn't it peculiar how often this term "love" is thrown about? Do people realise that having feelings for somebody, or just the faintest sign of a single fluttering butterfly does not neccessarily mean "love"? On occassion, they may be the start of something big, life changing. Other times though, I believe it's more just.......... Intrigue, obsession, lust, or desire- amongst other emotions. I've been there countless times. Whilst I'm at it, I may as well add that I truly believe there is a difference between loving somebody (i.e- friend love, or innocent relationship happenings) and being in-love. Think about it. If we were in-love with every person we had had a romantic inkling about (yes- this includes those 'funny feelings' you may have had for a teacher, a boss, or the stranger who flashed you a smile when you served them at work) life would be truly terrible due to the bullshit confusion we'd have to confront on a day-to-day basis- we have enough of it already. Finding 'true' love could come about in a way such as these examples from off the top of my head, but in all honesty- what are the odds? Love is around all corners, so is heartbreak. Take it easy.

Before you go on thinking about how you know I am a great commitaphobe- it does not mean that I am incapable of love, it does not mean I have not been in love, and it most definitely does not mean that I am being hypocritical in saying this. These are observations that I can only assume those with half a brain have made, and I am in need of venting on these particular thoughts. Let me state my case, and what a few of my issues are.

First off, I am far too paranoid. That's my problem, right there.

To quote the Beach Boys (first thing off the top of my head, lol):

Well it's been building up inside of me for oh, I don't know how long.
I don't know why but I keep on thinking something's bound to go wrong.
But she looks in my eye, and makes me realise when she says:
"Don't worry baby, don't worry baby. Everything will turn out alright.

The second something seems too comfortable to me/ falling too hard/too much of a routine/ no excitement/no "drama", so to say- I completely freak-the-fuck out and don't like the way things are progressing. It's not always going to change due to circumstance and effort, sometimes it's just not right. I enjoy the chase, and knowing somebody loves me scares me. The responsibility, topped off with thinking that I could hurt them... Sigh. Hm. Maybe what I need to do is verbalise my opinion more often. Being nice only makes the significant other believe everything is a-okay, am I right? Oh yes, relationships ARE about give and take, but if you're not content or happy about the way things are, changes have to be made.
I can hand out out advice- it's always harder taking it.
Ah, to have loved and to have lost... Not always better than never having loved at all. However, that is another story (probably my biggest issue of all, I would say).

Side note: Figuring out myself in the land of pixels, how classy.

This, is love to me. A memory. A dodgy video, on a dodgy digital camera, on a beautiful evening.

I can see so clearly when your smoke gets in my eyes
Please me with your promises, and hurt me with your lies
Baby can you hear, the message I am sending?
Love me like the world is ending.

6:30 am, I think it's time to try get some rest again...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The second set of ramblings in less than 24 hours.

I can be outgoing, I can be extremely lazy, and sometimes I probably even need to be sedated...

I have just come to the conclusion that the most in depth explanation of myself is on this site, though what I just wrote actually sums it up nicely- I think I'll keep that in mind. Really though, what can words do when it's possible a virtual persona is being portrayed? Thank goodness I know this isn't true in my case. Still, it does not stop me from knowing this says little about ones self.
With my mind working overtime, it's somewhat impossible to say every little thing that crosses it. On that topic, what is the difference between light and dark fruitcake? It's a question that must be answered. Let's do some research...

This website has just had me do a quiz, all about fruitcake. My answers, I thought, were quite reasonable... 4/5 isn't bad.
Question 1: What is the difference between dark and light fruitcake?
You answered correctly: Dark fruitcakes are made with dark brown sugar and molasses while light fruitcakes are made with granulated sugar and light corn syrup.

Dark fruitcakes are made with dark brown sugar and molasses while light fruitcakes are made with granulated sugar and light corn syrup.


Question 2: Fruitcakes were wildly popular in what country?
You answered correctly: England

During the 19th century, the English perfected the art of making fruitcakes.

Question 3: How come fruitcakes are no longer popular?
Your answer: People's appetites have changed.
Correct answer: The quality of ingredients has changed.

Fruitcakes are no longer popular because the quality of ingredients have changed. In the old days only the best candied fruits and freshest nuts were used. Now, people make fruitcake with special candied "fruit for fruitcakes."

Question 4: What liquor is traditionally used to make fruitcake?
You answered correctly: Brandy

Brandy is a prominent ingredient in the classic fruitcake.

Question 5: How long does it take to make a fruitcake?
You answered correctly: A few months

Fruitcakes take a few months to make. After baking, the cakes are wrapped in brandy soaked muslin or cheesecloth. They are set aside to age.

In my opinion (as well as others who actually commented on the site), question 3 really relies on what you personally think. Of course, the idea of "sweets" have changed over the years (more and more people opt for a more processed bar of crap), but at the same time- it isn't necessarily because the quality of ingredients have deteriorated; I have found myself enjoying quite enjoyable fruitcakes which were made of the 'finest' of things, or just with classic TLC. Isn't it just possible that not everybody is going to enjoy every. single. thing? So, fuck your questionnaire. You fail.

You know I can't sleep, I can't stop my brain
You know it's three weeks- I'M GOING INSANE!
You know I'd give you everything I've got
for a little peace of mind
Yes mind, exactly as John said.
Please body, it's 5:30 in the morning.
Please soul, please let me sleep.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just filling in space.

Hypocrites make little sense to me. Why do people choose to verbalise abuse towards somebody over a topic that they are continuously acting up themselves? Well, that's my thought of the moment- nothing too major.
In other news, I sold my V fest ticket on eBay! Now, off to buying one for Blues & Roots...
*UGH! ANGER!* Need credit card now, ha.

What an interesting week or so it has been. Intriguing stories and memories made between myself and somebody I know quite an extensive array of life stories about, teenage bullshit (that of which I haven't had to involve myself in for quite some time), national detestation due to several out of control bushfires over in Victoria (search it up if you haven't heard, for one reason or another), and the Primal Scream gig...

To be honest, the effort thing isn't happening for me in the current state I'm in, so I'll rain check explanations for later. ;] Something slightly simple to explain though, the concert. Really, it was actually quite a drag. Amusing in places, but the sound was at the certain pitch where your ears ring, possibly bleed, and everything blends into one after awhile... However, we had the perve factor happening. Oh, sweet lust... & psychic kebabs. ;] It was quite decent for something I didn't have to pay for!

A little of the song on my mind:

Some lonesome someone some time ago
Convinced you you had to be broken
To make your words grow,
Now you go using girls like me
To help fuel your creative misery.
You wrote to me not long after I had left
You said "I'm glad you're good.
I'm not so good. I'm quite a mess.
Who's gonna sing you to sleep?
We could've made such a beautiful, beautiful family."

Devil - who let you in?
Don't you go messing everything up again.
Just walk, walk now away.
Thank God there's always you to blame.

Oh Clare Bowditch, you are a dream... :]

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rock & roll is here to stay.

Oh life, how you puzzle me. Once again I sit here at an unpremeditated time, saying jumbled things which probably have no real reason to pass by your eyes... But I'll continue.

To begin. The first of February, the day I had the most amazing experience of my life. It was the day of the 2009 Perth Big Day Out. My lady and I begun our journey in the morning hours with energy making an appearance from a foreign place- neither of us had the opportunity for a heavy rest. After a quick stop at a candy store for a good dose of sugary goodness, we were on our way. We did, however, also stop at a H.J's on the way towards to city. Yes, we did have a dance to the jukebox. And, yes, we did have to put on Queen- we had just discovered the extent to which it annoyed those who work there. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our pit stop (ice cream cones & apple juice for me, and immense laughter as my lady choked down her wrong order, of processed cow) and once again, made a move.

Skip a few steps and a good half hour of driving around the show grounds looking for an entrance, and we were there. 12 hours of dancing our arses off ahead of us, and boy did we! From the Grates to the Prodigy, we were moving like a dodgy massaging chair set to maximum, minus the chair. Jumping in circles to the Grates, dancing in mass squashed crowds at the Ting Tings, dirty dancing through back pain
to Pendulum with a topless fellow (whilst my lady was on a dreaded character's shoulders), leading in a jive and waving our now communal fluorescent light saber above our heads at Little Red (see pic), raising our voices at the TLE boys, and at Neil Young... Dancing, screaming, and standing still in awe and wonder.

Here is when the experience occurred. I managed to get my lady to come with me to the D just under an hour before Neil was scheduled to come on stage, and it was worth every minute (even the pain of the Arctic Monkey's that we had to endure, ha). We met a couple who were just as excited as us, and spent a fair bit of our time chatting away to our new lady friend (sparing names) about how her partner had been over to Sydney in the same week to see Neil at the BDO over that way, as well as a sideshow... As he later told us, "history was going to be made" that night- and he was right. Finally, he appeared.
Fuck, I can't even explain it. To be there, watching the grand-mac-daddy of grunge in the flesh, it was just... Mind blowing. Magical. Out of this world. All an understatement to say the least. To see this 63 year old guitar GOD running around and running amok; causing such an intimate setting when there were thousands of fans responding to his every strum and utterance was inexplai
nable. It, in a very cliché way, took my breath away, made my jaw drop open, and eventually made me cry.
(Side note: The first stream begun when I heard the opening note for "Old man*". I consider this song to be papa's and mine (even if he doesn't realise it); I wish he was there to share that with me. Every nerve of my body felt as though Mr Young was singing it in my direction. Perhaps, however, this was as my lady and I had made our way up to the second row, to the right, by this point... Oh yes, jealousy ensured when I was to tell others. My pa's response in particular was beyond belief.)

By the end, we were experiencing feelings we didn't know we had. Brought to surface thr
oughout piano ballads, love songs, an assortment of instruments, actions, & voice. We knew there would be an encore, that of which caused a mind-gasm (to say the least). Neil came casually strolling back onto stage, and as he beckoned the crowd- we caused an eruption of sound that could not be reproduced. It begun. The chords to the Beatles classic "A day in the life". By the end, Neil was ripping the strings off of his guitar, and playing it with them dangling from the neck. To imagine this will not do it justice, it had to be experienced. That night, my life changed.
* Here's a Set list:
1.  Love And Only Love
2. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
4. Spirit Road

5. Cortez The Killer
6. Cinnamon Gi
7. Mother Earth
8. The Needle And The Damage Done
9. Heart Of Gold
10. Old Man
11. Cowgirl In The Sand
12. Just Singing A Song

13. Rockin' In The Free World
14. A Day In The Life