Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I wish I were with you, I couldn't stay.

"New year, time for change..."

That's what they all say, is it not? It's only a number of weeks, if not days, before the majority of the world's New years resolutions go down the drain... Prove me wrong.

What the first 27 days of '09 (not including this morning) have brought me so far:
A new year, a holiday back home, twilight zone, another year of life,
the thought of shaving for a cure- in addition to the thought of moving home, and a teenager's puzzled heart...

(To those who read my last post, I have also received a mango splitter in this time. Miracles do exist.)

The rest of this week will be one of the greatest of my life. As well as the new B.K album "Changing Horses" on the 31st (FUCKING YEAH!),
I get to see one of my idols, as well as Ben's...

... time to keep truckin'.

Echoes and silence, patience and grace

All of these moments I'll never replace
Fear of my heart, absence of faith
All I want is to be home.

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