Monday, December 15, 2008

It's your heart, not mine, that's scarred.

Oh what an eventful past few weeks I have had... In my "love life" anyway.
What a cliché:
Young love; falling deep, falling fast, and falling out. It continues.

In other areas, I've been nothing so much as dreaming my days away in a daze one can only describe as... Well, I'm not even sure myself. Trying to find yourself, yet again, is a painful experience. I suppose I just need stability in my life. So far, I have my family, intake of sugar, and my truest, and longest friend to rely on.
Not a bad start.

Like an apple on a tree
Hiding out behind the leaves
I was difficult to reach
But you picked me
- A Fine Frenzy


Wafi said...

Sometimes, I wonder if my "love life" is at many levels of ridiculousness. Then again, I haven't really done much in my "love life", and I'm just like "bleh".


Waffles! said...

oh btw, I just left a comment under a different name. Stupid log-ins >:(