Thursday, December 18, 2008

A common pondering.

I know that I am an absolute fruitcake, it's who I am. Why shy away from it? Individuality is one aspect of a being that intrigues and encourages us to dig deeper. To me, conforming to being a clone does not necessarily mean immediate acceptance to being part of the "in crowd". From what I have found in the last year, the groups I were classified under in high school have absolutely no effect on my life in the real world- I'm sure anybody with a grasp on reality, so to speak, will agree.

I believe that experimentation is something we all have to do to find ourselves.
Often, without realising, we will take aspects of another's personality (such as a celebrity) and mould them to fit ourselves. Perhaps it is part of self-discovery; though if there is no thinking on our own at some point, there is no characteristic of your personality that can genuinely claim to be your own (look at Lennon- he's sure as hell made an impact on society!).
IMO, people need to sort out what is really going to matter and less on rejection; a statement often recited, but not followed. As Oscar Wilde was quoted, “A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.” How true.

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